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soalan exam tahun 6 (2008/2009)

Berikut adalah soalan oral saya, semoga bermanfaat.

1- surgery
1) acute peritonitis pathophysiology and types of primary acute peritonitis
2) complications of PUD n discussion of gastric outlet obstruction syndrome
3) a case of breast CA
4) small intestinal obstruction
5) hernia

2- o&g
1) discussion of IDA
2) Infertility
3) pap smear

3- medicine
1) DKA pathophysiology n mx
2) ECG – acute anterolateral MI, after 20 minutes new findings. Another ECG was given. Answer: Ventricular tachycardia
3) 18 yr old pt comes to ER complaining of fever n headache..approach
4) 20 yr-old pt comes with Hg=8mg/dl.ur ddx n ix
5) 70 yr-ol pt comes with back pain high calcium.
- how u want to cnfrm hypercalcemia
- ur ddx
- ur ix

Group e 2008/2009
osce dan oral
obstetrics n gynecology
1-hx ectopic pregnancy---ddx,dx,type of ectopic=tubal unruptured,mx
2-cevical smear procedure,finding,mx
1-hsg-tubal block
3-CTG finding=decelaration,tachycardia
4-placenta abruptio=etiology,risk,mx,definite mx
5-contraceptive-iucd cu,bila boleh psg,contraindication,complication
6-fibroid=etiology,risk,mx,definite mx

internal medicine
2 station hx + 1 station pe
1-hx-cough for 3 years..dx=COPD
2-hx-bilateral lower limb swelling=diabetic nephropathy
3-p/e-pansystolic murmur,
4-hand n face-scleroderma,
5-mechanical ejection click-prosthetic valve
1-xray-pericardial effusion
2-blood film-finding-microcyctic hypochromic,hypersegmental neutrophil .dx-ida
4-oral thrush causes-immunocompromised,steroid,HIV
5-hereditary telengectasis,common manifestation:epistaxis
6-ecg-acute ant.MI
7-ecg-ventricular tach..mx-dc shock
8-ABG-metaboloc acidosis
10-graves disease--pretibial myoxedema

2 hx + 2 pe
1-hx:1 day post op
2-hx: acute scrotum
3-PE: peripheral vascular disease
4-PE: breast examination.
6 slide with a lot of question:
2-angiogram-aortic aneurysm
3-gambar-hepatocellular ca
4-branchial cyst
5-intusseception-gambar barium enema

1-hx-puffiness dx-post strep GN
2-hx-knee joint pain ddx-JRA,rheumatic fever,hsp
3-oral station-congenital heart disease hx,p/e,dx-TGA,mx
4-P/E-focused examination of anemia patient
5-ABG-metabolic ascidosis
6-counseling.parent of asthmatic child.help him.education
7-pictures:1-erythema nodosum-causes.2-tonsil-diaphteria.3-gambar IUGR
8-x-ray-1-pneumothorax. 2-boot shape heart. 3-nephrocalcinosis

1-approach to acute abdomen in 20 yr old female patient;hx,pe,invx(what is u/s),mx
2-approach to chest trauma: causes,mx pnthorax,flial chest pathogenesis n mx
3-pathogenesis of chronic venous insufficiency
4-diverticulum-definition, manifestation, complications

Obstetrics and gynecology:
1-fractional d n c
2-endometrial sampling.types and mx
3-case of amenorrhea vaginal spoting,abdominal pain-ddx,pe,inx.dx-ovarian cyst.mx
4-stages of labour.statistics questions-mode,mean,median,what’s meaning of percentile,what is normal distribution curve
5-instrumental delivery.management of 1st stage labour

Pediatrics(a lot subquestions):
3-Chronic Granlomatous Disease

Internal medicine(a lot subquestions)
1-ecg: 2
2-hepathic encephalopathy-manifestation of chronic liver disease,clinical symptoms,specific test,
3-case of iron deficiency anemia
3-case increase thirsty.dx- DM type 2.hx,pe.lab result.mx
4-20yr-old loss of concsiousness.Er management,.dx-organophosphate poisoning.mx.

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