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soalan osce peds grp D

Assalamualaikum wbth...
alhamdulillah dah selesai rotation pediatrics(peds)..sekarang saya meneruskan rotation dalam Obstetrics & Gynecology(O&G) Dept.Keluar dari peds masuk dalam O&G tak jauh bezanya sebab masih bersua muka dengan ibu-ibu tabah & bayi-bayi comel.

Di bawah ini adalah soalan OSCE peds baru-baru ni..moga bermanfaat untuk sahabat2 lain :


1-Take history of a 10 year old girl with chief complain of intermittent headache for 4 months. What is your differential diagnosis & approach?

2-Take history of a 5 year old boy, complaining of abdominal pain since 3 months ago. What is your diagnosis and approach? he had constipation

3-PE station : 6 year old boy with chief complain of dyspnea,fever& ...... Perform chest examination & any related system.

4-PE station : A 3 year old boy present to ER, complaining of fever, headache & vomiting.
What investigation you would like to order?
(Dr read a CSF analysis) What type of meningitis-viral or bacterial?
The same patient present three days later with high fever, what is the probable cause?

5-Data & pictures :
i-picture of macular rashes on a boy's trunk. What is your diagnosis? What is your management plan?

ii-picture of an obese boy. What is your diagnosis?

iii-picture of baby with omphalocele. This baby is born with hypoglycemia, what is your diagnosis?

iv-x-ray of diagphragmatic hernia. What is your diagnosis? What do you expect to find during examination?

v-x-ray of wrist with fraying & cupping of metaphysis. What is your diagnosis? what is your management plan?

vi-ECG . How much is the heart rate? What medication would you give?

actually there are two more data interpretation station but I forgot. InsyaAllah i'll post them here soon. Enjoy peads.Photobucket

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