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OSCE O&G kumpulan D

InsyaAllah lagi 2 minggu, pelajar tahun 6 akan sekali lagi diuji fizikal & mentalnya dlm OSCE. Ini soalan2 OSCE O&G kumpulan D. Moga bermanfaat buat semua sahabat.

1) Q :counseling for the baby of gestational diabetic mother
Ans : fetal assessment of GDM baby as written in the Ru2ia lecture notes

2) Q : patient with history of gush of fluid (PROM)
a -what is your DDx?
b -what investigation should we use to diagnose PROM ?
c - if the patient does not have labour pain after 12 hours (not sure) what is your management plan?

3) Q : findings of patient with endometriosis
a - what is your dx?
b - what is the common site of endometriosis lesion
c - what is the diagnostic procedure?
d - what is the treatment ?

4) Q : patient with postmenopausal bleeding
a - what is your DDx?
b - what investigation will you order for the patient?
c - what is the medication?
d - what are the 2 side effects of progesterone?

InsyaAllah bittaufeq

Jelaskan matlamat...Tuluskan niat~

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Boleh ke member2 SOL tolong post soalan OSCE surgery ?

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