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Good news for you and your kids too!


Are you fed up with current TV programmes?

Are you worried about what kind of entertainment will your future kids watch, listen to amd play with ?

Are you looking forward to another alternatives on how to bring up your future children?

Here is a good news i've come across while surfing the net..

Hope it benefits you...

10 Sites For Muslim Children

Guest Author - Sadiyya Patel

Are your kids bored? Are you tired of them sitting in front of the TV or playing Playstation all day long? Are your worried about the negative influence that TV and the media in general is having on your child?

I have the solution for you. I've compiled a list of 10 Islamic websites for kids. These websites will keep your kids happily entertained for hours at a time. And they will be learning good Islamic morals and values, and acquiring Deeni knowledge at the same time. What could be better than that?

Here are the websites in no particular order.

1. Kidsville

This site is really user friendly and easy for even a young child to navigate. It has 3 main sections:

  • Play & Learn (There are several different Islamic Games in this section)

  • Islamic Songs (Really charming)

  • Islamic Stories - Your toddler and preschooler are bound to love these.

2. Islamic Playground

If your kids love computer games then this is the site for them. This site has games with an Islamic twist. Arabic alphabet, Word Games, Crossword & Jigsaw puzzles and more. Perfect for a rainy afternoon.

3. Islamic Schools

This isn't a site for kids but there are plenty of resources for parents and links to other Islamic sites for children.

This site focuses on Islamic schools in USA, Great Britain, Canada and France. It also has links to Islamic Homeschooling sites that may be of interest to you if you have chosen this option. It also has articles on issues affecting families and kids.

The Educational Resources section is filled with links to various other Islamic sites that are both educational and Inspirational.

4. Muslim Kids TV

This is the perfect site for all Muslim kids who love TV. It's packed with so many wonderful videos that cover a wide variety of categories.

The categories include:

  • Islamic stories

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Fun Recipes

  • Islamic Good Manners

  • Stories of the Prophets

  • Islamic Cartoons

  • And more....many more...

Well worth a visit and certainly a better use of your childrens time than watching reruns on Cartoon Network.

5. My First Muslim Site

This site is still under construction. It has been created by the Lahore Ahmadiyyah Movement For The Propagation Of Islam. The site is divided into different age levels.

Preschool (Age 2-5)

Junior Level (6-8)

Senior Level (12 +)

Lighthouse magazine (For Muslim Youth)

Young Islam (Also for Muslim Youth)

Both "The Lighthouse" & "Young Islam" are wonderful downloadable magazines that your teenager will enjoy.

6. Harfkids

This is a great site for helping kids to memorize the Holy Quran. There are daily Hadith and fun facts as well. Electronic Islamic Greeting cards, Games, stories of the Prophets (videos), mobile ringtones and mobile wallpapers add an element of fun to the site.

The site even has a forum where kids can interact with other muslim children around the globe.


7. Muslimkids

This is a very attractive site. Your child can learn Arabic with simple interactive lessons that will take them from the alphabet all the way to learning words. The site loads fast and there are also Islamic ecards as well.

8. Harun Yahya's site for kids

This is perfect for the child who loves learning about animals, space and the human body. The author uses these amazing facts to show the greatness of Allah.

9. Muslimstickers

Wonderful stickers to reward your kids for good behavior and for inculcating Islamic values.

10. Stories of the Prophets, Companions & Wives of the Prophet (S.A.W)

This site is geared more toward the older child as there is quite a bit of reading involved. Very informative and educational.

11. Easy Teaching For Kids

Simple, easy dua's for young kids in a delightful, beautiful slideshow presentation that can be downloaded and printed out.

I hope that you take some time to check these sites out. I'm sure that you will enjoy them as much as I have.


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The Blogwalker said...


Thank you ishikawa for this useful and interesting list. May Allah bless you always. InsyaALlah.

Salam Ramadhan.

ishikawa said...


my pleasure...

Choices are everywhere
and you have the power to choose....

May Allah bless you too..

Ramadhan kareem

ainshams said...

very nice sarah!!
mwe also can learn so many things from these kids' sites too.. =D

ishikawa said...

a good preparation for you, my dear ain.. =)